Mildura - Sunraysia region

Our new pets,

Spiny Leaf Insects.

Extatasoma tiaratum




At the moment we are keeping,

Extatosoma Tiaratum - (Spiny Leaf)

Tropidoderus Childrenii -( Childrens)

Eurycnema Goliath - (Goliath)

Didymuria Violescens - (Spur legged)


We also do presentations for Schools, day care centres or other interested groups.

I talk about,

Life cycles

What they eat

How to care for them

Their defences against attacks

With fact sheets on how to  keep your own stick insect and how to make your own enclosure.

Also with a variety of pinned insects from our personal collection

please visit our other site http://mystickinsect.proboards104.com/index.cgi   for more information about stick insects